Amazon Prime took things up a notch at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con by giving fans a chance to interact with not one—but three—of its latest sci-fi and fantasy shows. In the course of just over an hour, io9's Beth Elderkin and Cheryl Eddy rode The Expanse’s Rocinante, covered up a crime scene with The Boys, and hung out at Carnival Row’s Victorian speakeasy. We’re going to need a nap.

This year, Amazon Prime is debuting two new series. The Boys, based on the graphic novels by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, takes place in a world where superheroes exist...and they’re not the best people. Then there’s Carnival Row, a fantasy series starring Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne as star-crossed lovers in a steampunk alt-history where humans and mythical creatures live side-by-side.

To celebrate the debuts of The Boys and Carnival Row—along with the long-awaited return of The Expanse with season four, after Syfy declined to continue the series—Amazon decided they didn’t want to pick or choose what show they were going to do for their SDCC Experience. Instead, they did all three, taking up 60,000 square feet of space near the San Diego Convention Center.


For The Boys, we worked to cover up a crime scene for a superhero kidnapping which was...a bit confusing. Carnival Row let us pretend to be fairies and brought us into its sexy and mysterious world of power and fantasy, including a visit to The Forbidden Lounge that featured some dramatic performances in the moody space. However, our favorite part was getting to ride the Rocinante on a United Nations peacekeeping mission for The Expanse. Let’s just say it checked something off both our bucket lists.

The Boys debuts on Amazon Prime on July 26, and Carnival Row follows on August 30. We’re still waiting on that release date for The Expanse which we expect to hear out of the panel tomorrow. Keep an eye on io9 for updates on that and all the rest coming out of SDCC 2019.

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