In January we reported on the successful initiative by government scientists in the U.S. to end most research done on chimps. In all, about 450 chimps currently held in government research facilities will be retired from active duty and relocated to federal sanctuaries, including Chimp Haven in Louisiana. It's going to take time — but as this video shows, it's a process that's already under way. Watch as these chimps — many of whom have never left the lab — cautiously venture outside to gaze at the wide expanse that's set before them.


To date, 111 chimps have been retired, the largest group to ever be released from experimental lab work. And as the footage shows, it's not going to be easy for some of the chimps to adapt to a new environment and new social arrangements. Some may even have to be put on anti-depressants as a way to kickstart their road to psychological recovery.

H/t PopSci.

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