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Watch as Anthony Hopkins gets his Satan on

What's scarier than Hannibal? Watching Anthony Hopkins go full blown Exorcist in the trailer for the new demon possession movie The Rite.


Directed by Michael Petroni, The Rite is seemingly your basic demon possession film. American priest goes to Italy to learn about exorcism, meets an unorthodox priest (Hopkins) and begins to kick Satan's butt all over. But here's the twist. It looks like the rookie priest falls for possessed lady Alice Braga, meanwhile Hopkins is slowly turning towards the dark side. Bring on Hopkins and Satan, we've got a bag of popcorn already to go!

The Rite hits theaters January 28th.

[via Apple]

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I really get annoyed when Hollywood uses an inverted crucifix as a sign for the devil. It was St. Peter who made the inverted crucifix famous when he asked to be crucified upside down at his own crucifixion. He was trying to make the statement that his own crucifixion was not in the same league as Christ's, and tried to represent that visually.


...or at least that's how it was explained to me. Agree/disagree?