It’s like she’s looking right at me... straight into my soul.
Image: LoreCraft (YouTube)

The Jim Henson Company might have bit of competition. Artist Nicholas Brown from LoreCraft has released a video where he created a sculpture of Deet, one of the stars of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. This puppet lookalike might not be on strings, but damn if she doesn’t look alive.

In the video, Brown described himself as a big Jim Henson fan who was wanting to make something “in line with his work and vision” for awhile. He was inspired to craft a sculpture of Deet after seeing the first photos of the character, played in the series by Nathalie Emmanuel. He actually designed and made the sculpture before the series debuted on August 30, so he was only able to use photos and trailers to craft his vision.

Brown’s got a lot of other awesome sculptures on his YouTube page, including one of Daenerys Targaryen that was commissioned by HBO during its season 8 promotional campaign earlier this year. He describes himself as having no professional training in the arts, and does this as a hobby in his spare time. Damn, makes me wonder why I keep wasting time on video games. I could be spending my weekends learning how to do this?


The first season of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is available on Netflix.

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