Watch As A Black Bear And Her Two Cubs Are Released Into The Wild

This is simple, charming video, but there's a lot of things worth noting here.

First, there's the emotional element: The three bears in the clip – a sow and her cubs – were captured after they were spotted rooting through household garbage. When animals become so habituated as to venture unafraid into cities and towns, they pose a serious threat not only to humans but themselves. But rather than being "destroyed" (like this bear in Alaska, which was recently put down after falling through a house's skylight), these bears are being relocated far away, in the wilderness. As the cameraman notes, they're being given a new lease on life. Plus, sow/cub dynamics pretty much always tug at the heart strings.


Second: The camera placement is superb. The bears' actions, which are characteristically excellent, almost look staged.

Third: You get a pretty good look at the transport container and its mechanisms. Note how it can be opened remotely and safely. If you're a wet blanket like me, it might call to mind the gross ineptitude on display in the opening scene of Jurassic Park.



[Environment Yukon via MeFi]

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Esther Inglis-Arkell

Did anyone else want the stamp on the back to read:

No, Really! Bears!