Watch Arrow's Stephen and Robbie Amell in the First Trailer for Sci-Fi Thriller Code 8

From Code 8.
From Code 8.
Image: via YouTube
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Stephen Amell might be counting his final days as the leading man of CW’s Arrow, but the actor’s broody science fiction times are far from over. While shooting the show, Amell and his cousin, Robbie Amell, have been working on a passion project, independently funding a film called Code 8. And now there’s a trailer.


Code 8, starring Stephen Amell, naturally, is a dark science fiction thriller about a world where the small percentage of the populace born with superhuman abilities are forced to live in poverty and ostracization by the rest of the population. Amell plays Garrett, a criminal who draws Connor Reed (Robbie Amell) into the underworld, where Robbie can use his powers to get the resources he needs to care for his sick mother.

The trailer has big low-budget edgy energy, with dark lighting and sharp moments of violence. But in a world with so few original properties going around, it’s a nice change of pace. And there’s a charm to these lower budget sort of affairs, one that I can definitely see being held together by the Amell family, under the direction of Jeff Chan and the writing of Chris Pare.

Code 8 is slated for a release in theaters, and it’s coming December 13th. 

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They actually did Code 8 short and after that started to look for funding for movie