Watch Andrew Garfield stay in character during the Spider-Man 2 panel

Andrew Garfield didn't make a wall-crawling entrance into the Amazing Spider-Man 2 panel at Comic-Con, but he did arrive in costume and in character. For the first part of the panel, Garfield answered only to the name "Spider-Man" and replied to all questions in character.


The crowd in Hall H was told that one of the panel's guests was still outside the building, running a little late, and were then treated to a brief sketch in which Spider-Man dashes to Hall H, climbing down the walls of the Hard Rock Hotel and swinging through the air, only to be thwarted by a security guard. "I'm supposed to be in there," Spider-Man pleads.

"Spider-Man? Yeah, there are 10 of you in there already," the security guard tells him, shooing him off. "But nice costume."

Although the sketch ends with Spidey entering through the catwalk entrance, Garfield jogged onto the stage. However, he made up for his anticlimactic arrive by leaving his mask on and gamely answering questions in character. In this second video, a starstruck Spidey greets Jamie Foxx and tells the audience what he wants most in life:

We'll have more details about the panel later on, but for now, enjoy how much Garfield enjoys being Spider-Man.



See, this is why it's so depressing to me when people constantly bag on ASM. Yeah, it wasn't a perfect movie, but people look for flaws because they're unhappy the series got rebooted — but they're missing the fact that the people rebooting the character honestly, genuinely love the character and aren't afraid to show it. They understand the character better than the Raimi crew, it shows, and as a fan of Spidey who grew up watching the terrible cartoon version and reading the sometimes worse comics, that means a lot to me.

Of course, there's every chance the new movie will suck. But I'm not looking for reasons to expect it'll suck. I'm really excited for it.