Watch an obscure, behind-the-scenes documentary about The Empire Strikes Back

This here's Making Empire, a documentary that aired in 1980 to promote The Empire Strikes Back and was promptly consigned to the pop cultural dustbin. Which is an absolute pity, as this Dutch television special — the first 45 seconds of the YouTube video above are in Dutch, the rest is in English — features some incredibly snazzy shots of Tauntaun puppets and Wampa suits (around the 7:00 mark).

The quality's not spectacular and you can only watch half of it, but it's required watching for any Star Wars fan. You can find more background on Making Empire here. [Via Open Culture]

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The incessant distancing from the "evil of science fiction" is vomit inducing. Ironic that the creators of one of the most iconic science fiction films in history don't understand what science fiction is. Haven't they ever heard of space opera?