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On Limitless this week, Brian pitches Naz the tall order of capturing the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted” in two weeks. And he wants NZT to do it. And, if he succeeds, he also wants his own “headquarters” at the office. And, oh yeah, he’s made creepy clay effigies to make his point.


We’ve got our hands on an exclusive sneak peek of tonight’s episode. Here, Brian’s making the case to Naz for his little project:

After Brian saved Naz’s niece (and Naz herself) last week, will she give him the go-ahead to use the wonder drug to nab the Who’s Who of American baddies? (“Not even the enemies of joy can deny this plan,” he says.)


We’re hoping that yes, she does let him pop NZT to embark on this pie-in-the-sky mission. At any rate, we’re fans of any episode where Brian marches out the action figures to make a point.

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