It's been more than a year since we first learned of Christopher Salmon's quest to bring Neil Gaiman's short story "The Price" to life as an animated film. This week, he offered a clearer sense of his vision, posting the full-length animatic he used to pitch the project to Gaiman.


It was after watching this animatic—a mockup animation that gives an idea of what Salmon has in mind—that Gaiman granted Salmon the rights to make a movie from "The Price." Although the movie's production blog gives us a sense of what the digitally sculpted characters will look like when they're fully animated, this animatic has a wonderful storybook feel as it is. Hopefully, the finished animation will give the Black Cat, who stands guard outside Gaiman's house and is the subject of mysterious nocturnal attacks, the same weary and heroic quality he has here.

2013: Year Of The Black Cat [Neil Gaiman's "The Price" via Kuriositas]