Watch an army of baby spiders explode from their slain mama

It's the alternate, terrible ending to Charlotte's Web, in which Charlotte's babies, instead of flying off on the breeze, burst forth in the midst of a human-spider battle in a spectacular explosion of scuttling little legs. Warning: may cause spontaneous arachnophobia.


Apparently, this particular spider carries its egg sacs on its body, which is why the spider-slaying videographer was ready with the bug spray. How do you spell "horror," Wilbur? With ten thousand scrambling arachnid babies.

[via Blame It on the Voices]

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I just don't understand this horror with spiders. Yes, naturally we have some tendency to fear them. But why would you kill it just because you are afraid of it?

I live in Chile and we have two spiders that are commonly found inside houses: The "Araña de rincón" (Loxosceles laeta) and the "Araña Tigre" (Scytodes globula). The "Araña de rincón" is a very dangerous spider with a bite that can melt tissue with more efficiency than sulfuric acid and that sometimes causes death. If I find one of those inside my house, yes, I will kill it because it represents a danger to my well being. But, the "Araña Tigre" on the other hand, doesn't pose any danger at all, and is in fact the only natural predator of the "Araña de rincón". If I kill one of those, maybe I am allowing one of the dangerous spiders to live freely inside my house.

They all have a place and a purpose. I won't kill any kind of living being just because I don't like it. Only if it represents a danger or a possible damage to me or my property. Man up and don't be so afraid. You sound like girls.