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Watch an ant colony take up residence inside a scanner over five years

Most people try to keep ants out of their electronics equipment, but François Vautier isn't most people. He encouraged an ant colony to nest inside an old scanner, and then scanned the bed once a week for five years, showing the colony's gradual takeover of their metal and plastic home.


Vautier explains the purpose behind his voluntary infestation:

Five years ago, I installed an ant colony inside my old scanner that allowed me to scan in high definition this ever evolving microcosm (animal, vegetable and mineral). The resulting clip is a close-up examination of how these tiny beings live in this unique ant farm. I observed how decay and corrosion slowly but surely invaded the internal organs of the scanner. Nature gradually takes hold of this completely synthetic environment.

The ants are still alive : the process will continue…

Could someone please tell me what brand of scanner still works for five years with ants inside it? Mine never last that long and they stay relatively insect-free.


[via Boing Boing]

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I didn't see no ants.

I also saw it jumping around in time and repeating itself, so I call shenanigans.