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Watch all those new Star Trek Into Darkness deleted scenes here

Illustration for article titled Watch all those new emStar Trek Into Darkness/em deleted scenes here

Those Star Trek Into Darkness deleted scenes that were removed from the DVD/Blu-ray release in order to make you buy a second better (or decent) Collector's Edition release later are now available for your perusal. They fill more than a few of STiD's plotholes, including why Carol Marcus is suddenly British.


Kirk and Pike's discussion:

A Klingon conversation:

Captain's log:

Marcus receives a call:

Pike gets shot (extended version):

Klingon fight:

Carol explains her accent:

Scotty sneaks onto the Killerprise:

Kirk's meets with Mickey from Doctor Who's family:

Klingon dance party:

H/t to Aki!

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Angrier Geek

How exactly is Carol Marcus being British a "plot hole" Her native origin was never part of her character before and really isn't much a part of her character here. Time would have been better spent explaining why she felt the need to strip down in front Capt'n Horndog then tell him to look away. Though at least now it doesn't look like Kirk left Pike to die so he could go fight. That irritated me above all and a lot irritated me.