Craig Ferguson loaned his sense to humor to the Game of Thrones panel at Comic-Con. Check out the most interesting moments, including talk of male nudity, why the books aren't more canonical than the show, and Ferguson poking fun at the geography of Westeros.


Ferguson is quite fun throughout the panel, and you can watch the whole thing in two parts thanks to Emergency Awesome. If you want to skip to specific sections, however, click on the time stamps below.

( 2:25) Benioff and Weiss reveal that George R.R. Martin asked them, "Who is Jon Snow's mother?" during their first meeting.


( 7:02) George R.R. Martin is asked with which of the A Song of Ice and Fire gods he most closely associates himself. Martin takes the opportunity to remind us that he is not the most murderous member of the panel.

( 13:49) Craig Ferguson wants to know why all the locations in Westeros sound like artisanal cheese farms. Martin talks about the challenge of naming places.

( 14:55) Pedro Pascal explains how he trained with a Wushu master to prepare for Oberyn's battle with the Mountain. Other cast members talk about their stage combat training.

Now, onto Part 2:

(4:15) One fan asks what was going through Jon and Ygritte's heads when they saw each other during the battle at the Wall. Everyone sighs with heartbreak.


(6:51) We will see Stannis' character more fleshed out next season. It's small, but it's the only aspect of next season they're willing to talk about.

(7:53) Martin explains why the books are no more canonical than the TV show. Yes, even the show ends up getting ahead of the books, he wants you to keep watching the show.


(13:12) Gwendoline Christie and Rory McCann have a grand time talking about their fight scene and McCann "downstairs kicking" Christie.

(14:56) John Bradley has an amusingly self-deprecating answer to the requisite, "Should we see more male nudity in the show?" question.


(16:12) The whole panel answers the question, "Dragons or direwolves?" One answer elicits surprised groans.

(25:09) Maisie Williams gives the perfect answer to the question, "Who is Arya now?"


(27:57) The producers talk about the decision to omit Jaime's confession to Tyrion from the books when he releases Tyrion from his cell.

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