Watch Adam Savage Geek Out Over an Original HAL 9000 in Peter Jackson's Amazing Prop Collection

Before he started busting myths, Adam Savage worked in the special effects industry building props and models for films. His love of iconic film artifacts is reflected in some of the recent builds he’s shared online, but it’s also fun to just watch him geek out over Peter Jackson’s amazing film prop collection.

Photo by Norman Chan

Earlier in the year Adam had the opportunity to bring a camera crew with him to check out Peter Jackson’s private collection of movie memorabilia, and in this video the two of them examine one of the original props used in 2001: A Spacey Odyssey to create HAL 9000's all-seeing eye. Some might just see a metal faceplate with a fisheye Nikon lens mounted on it, but fans of the film (or movies in general) will undoubtedly geek out as much as Adam does as he explores a piece of one of film’s best villains.


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