Watch Adam Savage Ecstatically Unbox A Martian Space Suit

Adam Savage, of Mythbusters and Tested, is a known space suit geek, and he’s expressed his love for the design of the suits on The Martian quite a bit on social media. Now, Fox has sent him a suit to look over.


Witness the sheer joy:

I suspect we’ll see him in one of these for his Adam Incognito bit at Comic Con this year. His joy is justified: this would be one amazing costume to own.


I reckon 3D printers have done a lot to revolutionize prop construction. It used to be that finding objects that fit your need was cheaper/faster than attempting to build something out of whole cloth, especially if you needed a few of them but not so many that you could pay to have them made cheaply. But with printers the idea of designing and manufacturing unique shapes for props and costumes, and replacing the parts with exact duplicates in case of breakage or additional need, that’s a lot more reasonable and cost-effective.