Watch a Watermelon Become the Night King From Game of Thrones

For a facsimile of a scientifically unfeasible guy who abducts babies and commands an army of the dead, the watermelon Night King looks pretty friendly! Though that seems to be the case with most villains who are later reduced to a disembodied head (Futurama’s Nixon and the Spiral King in Gurren Lagann come mind).

Italian artist Valeriano Fatica has made some crazy stuff out of food before, like a Joker jack-o-lantern and a potato Cthulhu. But what makes this carving particularly breathtaking is how he uses the different layers of rind and pulp as a sort of shading technique. Up close you can even see that the cheeks and mouth of the Night King are a bit drippy, adding to his overall grossness.


The Starks better be right about winter coming, because otherwise this incredible fruit carving won’t keep past the end of the week.

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