Watch A Team Of Actors Learn Game Of Thrones' Dothraki From Scratch

Dothraki is a tricky language to speak — even the Khaleesi herself screws up her pronunciation. But you can speak it like a bloodrider! The Living Language school has just started offering Dothraki classes, and we have an exclusive video featuring the man who invented this thorny tongue, David Peterson.

In the video above, Peterson talks about the added challenge of creating a whole language, when some of the bits of that language are already nailed down in George R.R. Martin's original books. And he explains his process, including asking what would a boring day for a Dothraki warrior be like? And you can see a team of actors learning to speak Dothraki so they can take part in the course materials.

To find out more about the Living Language Dothraki course (including descriptions of all three formats: physical, online and companion app), go to And Qapla'!

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