Watch a Tantalizing Clip From the Unique End of the World Tale Starfish

Virginia Gardner stars in Starfish, which is now available On Demand.
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A woman who wakes up to the end of the world has a mystery to solve. Her friend has left her several cassette tapes that may hold a clue to how it all happened, but can she make herself solve the puzzle? And does that puzzle even matter?

Those are just some of the issues tackled in Starfish, a wonderful little sci-fi film that is debuting on VOD today. Virginia Gardner of Runaways stars as the main character, who finds herself alone in this strange, cold, desolate world—a world that didn’t exist the day before. And, below, we have an exclusive clip from the film that shows some of the horrors that await her outside.

We saw Starfish at Fantastic Fest last year and were mesmerized by it. It’s aimed at people who like to think about the emotions of a film, rather than focusing on how it all fits together. And yes, it’s got some cool monsters and shit too. You can read much, much more in our review below.


Written and directed by A.T. White, Starfish is now available On Demand.

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