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The Boxtrolls, the newest film from the stop-motion wizards at Laika, hasn't been getting nearly the attention it deserves. It's easy to sit back and appreciate the whimsy of this trailer, but take a closer look at the remarkably detailed world that Laika has created.

The Boxtrolls themselves, with their joyful movements and odd cardboard outfits are the star of this trailer, but there is so much more to appreciate: the crooked buildings of Cheesebridge, the ornate costumes of the human characters, the technological marvels the Boxtrolls cobble together from pilfered junk, the posters stuck to the walls, and, of course, all those tiny, carefully crafted cheeses. Laika's last effort, ParaNorman, flew a bit under the radar despite being an excellent film that evoked the best of child-friendly horror, and I fear that as stunning as The Boxtrolls looks, it might suffer the same fate. So take a moment to sink yourself into the world of Cheesebridge and appreciate all of the environments and characters we are just barely glimpsing.


[via Cartoon Brew]