Watch a spherical robot drone fly around the room!

We've talked before about this floating robot from the Japanese Ministry of Defense, but now there's new video of this floating, gyroscopic drone. And, against all odds, this video is even more awesome than the last one.

The video up top shows a recent demonstration by Japan's Ministry of Defense. To the delight (and probably vague horror) of the audience, the ball floats all around the room, zipping and darting in ways you never imagined weird spherical robots ever could. Here's a description of the drone from PC World:

A propeller blade powers the drone but it is also equipped with wings that allow it to fly at speeds of 40 miles per hour. The kicker is the drone only costs $1,400 to build using "off-the-shelf parts."...Thanks to its spherical shape and three on-board gyroscopes, this drone won't flip over and fall to the ground when it hits a wall. Japan's drone can actually fly along a wall, or even land on the ground and roll to its destination.


Via PC World. Original post here.

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