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Watch a short film about Japan's 300-year-old handmade robots

Filmmaker Matthew Allard has made this lovely little interview with craftsman Hideki Higashino, who specializes in the creation of Karakuri, or automata dating back to Japan's Edo period. Don't worry, they're a helluva lot less freaky than medieval European automata.


[Via MAKE]

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Does anyone else think it is amazing to think about human movement in terms of clockwork? Truly, every motion that we make is a predetermined mechanism that we've learned over time. As well, just like clockwork, we human's tend to walk, run, reach for things, write, and talk with the utmost efficiency and minimal effort put into the overall movement. Just as gymnasts learn where their body is in relation to their surroundings or apparatus in use over years of practice. Then, at the end of a long day of moving about, we eat, lie down, go to sleep, and rewind our mechanisms to begin a new day. Human beings, the ultimate clockwork. Kind of poetic is it not?