Watch a real-life "Vatican approved" exorcist expel demons from his flock

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Norwegian filmmaker Fredrik Horn Akselsen followed honest-to-goodness, Vatican-approved exorcist José Antonio Fortea with a pack of cameras for the documentary The Exorcist of the 21st Century.


Is this the real deal? You be the judge — either way the fervor on display here is pretty chilling. And will it be more interesting than the recent exorcism mockumentaries The Last Exorcism and The Devil Inside?

The Exorcist in the 21st Century takes the viewer into the unknown and sinister world of exorcism in the Catholic Church. We meet one of the few exorcists in Europe, the Vatican approved José Antonio Fortea. He travels around the world on a mission to enlighten the masses about demonic possession. Constanza, a Colombian woman, is desperately looking for Fr. Fortea's help. She claims to have been possessed by demons for nearly 15 years and goes through a ritual of exorcism before she sees the Spanish exorcist as a last hope for spiritual liberation. The film follows both their journeys and gives a unique insight into one of the world most secret and mystical rites - the Catholic ritual of exorcism.


For more information and future screenings, check out the film's website.

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Much that I've enjoyed a few particular exorcist movies, this whole genre feels like apologetic for the physical and mental torture of mentally ill people.