Watch a radio-controlled plane's breathtaking journey into the stratosphere and back

While most weather balloon videos take objects into Earth's upper atmosphere and film them plummeting down to Earth, David Windestål armed a radio-controlled plane with a camera, giving us a first-person view of the plane's controlled (if chaotic) return trip.


Windestål's FunJet reached a height of 33,103 meters above sea level before his weather balloon burst, which threw a small wrench in his flight plans. Still, his footage is stunning, especially as we witness the plane's perspective as it travels through the clouds. Windestål also posted a detailed explanation of the materials he used and the steps he took in preparing the plane in case you want to attempt a similar flight yourself.

FPV to Space and back [RC Explorer via MetaFilter]

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Corpore Metal

Well, here's hoping his next attempt—assuming he can get the resources together for another attempt—has a few design changes and is less dogged by bad luck.

Still, on the whole, it seems to have worked quite well despite the telemetry and balloon problems.