In addition to the whole "paradise" thing, Costa Rica is famous for its close-knit crew of hardcore surfers who stand guard over the country's hidden beach hideaways (sort of like The Beach, but with less murder). So when pro-skiier-turned-photographer Scott Rinckenberger arrived in a place that knows surfing and mountain biking like no other (as part of Gizmodo's Intel-Inspired Ultrabook™ Shooting Challenge), he needed an in with the locals. Fortunately, Costa Rica Surf & SUP and Pura Vida Ride put him touch with some amazing athletes and locations for his shoot.


The challenge? To create images that employ solarisation, which is a classic photography effect in which the dark parts of a picture look light, and the light parts look dark (and just about everything looks a wee bit ominous). Back in the day, this trick required some serious darkroom jiu-jitsu to pull off, but thanks to advanced technology, photographers like Scott can pull it off with a digital camera and a computer. Luckily, Scott had his ultra-responsive Intel-Inspired Ultrabook™, and used it to download, edit, and display his images — all without leaving the beach. And since Costa Rica's beaches and jungles are known more for their big waves than their readily available power outlets, his Ultrabook™'s longer-lasting battery life let him close up shop for the night when he was good and ready, and not when his computer ran out of juice.

Looking for some insider tips on the solarisation technique (or just want to know where Costa Rica's best hidden beaches are)? You're in luck, because Scott will be dropping by the Gizmodo comments on October 30 to answer any and all questions on the above — and tell you about his experience with the ultra-sleek Ultrabook™ that helped him create incredible images in paradise.


Seth Porges is a New York-based writer, editor, on-air commentator, and entrepreneur.

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