Watch a nutty 8-minute collage of 1980s CGI from the people who did Tron

This here is a 1982 demo reel from Information International, Inc. (or Triple-I), the computer designers who animated Tron — in this montage, you can see plenty of clips from Michael Crichton's kooky plastic surgery flick Looker.

Also check out Vintage Computer Graphics' YouTube channel for a bevy of retrofuturistically cutting-edge video clips. It's all very cyberpunk and/or screensaver-ish.


[Via Rhizome]

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Corpore Metal

And to think all this stuff is trivial nowadays and much of it could be done on a simple PDA.

It reminds me of the an old Sun Microsystems promo video from 1992 to 1993 about the futuristic world circa 2005.


(Link included because of stupid Gawker site facelift bugs.)