Nearly fifteen years ago, Corey Feldman and Adam West appeared in Seance (a.k.a. Killer in the Dark), a so-bad-it’s-funny horror film made for just a million dollars. The film was never released, but now the whole thing is online for our chuckling pleasure.


Here are the details from the YouTube page:

“Seance” (aka Killer in the Dark) was [written] and produced by Rick Vasquez. It was filmed in the year 2001 (entirely in the Antelope Valley!) with an intended theatrical or DVD release, but was lost in distribution hell. Finally, 14 years later, it is viewable for the first time ever here on YouTube.


On reddit, user neckbeard_le_pirate explains that a friend’s father made the film on a million-dollar budget, and user griffinilla, who uploaded it to YouTube, is answering questions about the film. It stars Feldman as a young man who, after sharing a tale of a childhood haunting with his friends, decides to contact the spirit who haunted him and his brother. Naturally, things end up getting pretty murdery.

God help me, I actually watched it, and it lives up to its promise as perfect Mystery Science Theater 3000/RiffTrax fodder. griffinilla says that Vasquez made Seance in complete seriousness, but it ended up being more amusing than scary. West’s cameo is especially great; he actually does look like he’s having fun with the terrible, terrible material.

If you enjoy Seance, ironically or otherwise, you can donate to Vasquez on PayPal.

Fifteen years ago my friend’s dad spent a million dollars making a movie starting Adam West. He finished it but never released it because it was terrible - we finally convinced him to upload it to YouTube. [r/movies]


Tip of the hat to Robbie, who made me watch the whole thing.

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