When an Indian man asked a doctor to examine his irritated eye, the doctor discovered the man had a little squirming company. A 15-cm parasite was swimming about around the fellow's eyeball, and the surgery was recorded for Internet posterity.

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75-year-old P.K. Krishnamurthy had been suffering from eye pain for two weeks before seeking help from Mumbai's Fortis Hospital. The hospital staff, who have hear of the occasional two or three-centimeter worm pulled from patients' eyeballs, believe that this wriggler may be a record-holder. They removed the parasite in a 15-minute surgery.


So how can you avoid getting an eyeball parasite of your own? The examining doctor, V. Seetharaman, believes it entered through a cut on Krishnamurthy's foot or via improperly cooked food. Just remember to see your eye doctor if eyeball irritation persists.

Doctor pulls 5 inch live worm from man's eye in India [Daily News, MSNBC video via Neatorama]

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