Watch a First Person Video of Disney's New Tron Roller Coaster

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Going to a Disney theme park is all about being transported to the world of your favorite movies. From classic animation to a galaxy far, far away, it’s what Disney does best and at their newest park, Disney is taking attendees to the Grid. And you check it out right now.


Shanghai Disneyland doesn’t open until June 16, but one of the park’s most anticipated attractions, the Tron Lightcycle Power Run, is already up as part of a soft opening to make sure the park is ready to go. If you aren’t going to be in Shanghai anytime soon, this first-person video shows you what the ride is all about.

Granted, it’s impossible to completely capture the effect of a ride that’s so much in the dark, but the video is still awesome, especially with the Tron music.

If you want to ride this for real, you can find out more about Shanghai Disneyland here.

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Disney’s New Tron

Roller Coaster

Why Disney, why did you cancel Tron 3 just cause no one saw the Garbage that was Tomorrow Land instead of Mad Max?