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Watch A Feature-Length Adaptation Of HP Lovecraft's Colour Out Of Space

HP Lovecraft's story The Colour Out of Space is a disturbing account of a family's gradual degradation. The full-length film Die Farbe captures those horrors in sinister black and white.


Huan Vu directed Die Farbe, moving the action to Germany for his German-speaking cast. He's also currently raising money for another Lovecraft adaptation, this one of Lovecraft's Dreamlands stories. Die Farbe is a slow, mournful film, one whose pacing perfectly creates a sense of horrible inevitability as a farming family feels the fallout from a mysterious meteorite.

It's striking that even though Lovecraft wrote The Colour Out of Space in 1927, the story feels like a very modern tale of land poisoned by pollution or radiation, especially as Vu and his team portrays it.

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My first thought was "how could you possibly ever adapt something with such a fundamentally unfilmable central premise? ". And of course it's black and white...

Haven't had a chance to actually watch it yet, but they're definitely winning points with me for that genius move.