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Watch a close call with a great white in this preview for Shark Men

National Geographic has given us an exclusive preview of tonight's episode of Shark Men. In the episode "Surfing with Sharks," the research team attempts to tag a youthful and rowdy great white shark, who isn't going in without a fight.

Here's the official synopsis:

The Shark Men head to Southern California just off the shores of Malibu, and find the waters teeming with juvenile great white sharks just 300 meters from where beachgoers surf and swim unknowingly close by. Juvenile sharks are of keen interest to the crew, who want to learn more about the younger years of the fish's life cycle to help them better understand the whole story of the species.


"Surfing with Sharks" premieres at 10 PM tonight on the National Geographic Channel. You can read more about the Shark Men team here.

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Is this what Discovery and Science and NatGeo going to be reduced to in 5 years? Shows about people doing their jobs and WW2 docs?