Feast your eyes on the architecture of Thomas Heatherwick. He's a soft-spoken British architect who explains to the TED conference audience how he thought it was a shame that drawbridges became "broken" in order to do their drawing up, so he created one that turns into a circle. "We liked the fact the two furthest bits of it would end up kissing each other," he says. He'll also show you a sculpture made of 1 million yards of wire and 150,000 glass beads the size of golf balls. As if that wasn't enough, he's working on new buses for the city of London that will have an open platform reminiscent of the iconic Routemaster buses, and use 40 percent less energy. Also don't miss the incredible-looking UK Pavillion his team designed for the Shanghai 2010 Expo, which resembles a giant detonated cotton ball mid-explosion.

Via Unbeige