Watch a 9-year-old ninja fight dystopian police, in this great video

If you need a futuristic fight scene to perk you up, then we've got you covered. This catchy new song from Five Knives, "The Future," comes with a terrific video that shows a scary future world of authoritarian police, rigid conformity — and 9-year-old ninjas who fight back against the system!


Video director Lance Drake writes in to io9 to say that the video is influenced by Lucas' THX1138, and adds this:

The 9-year-old is named Dallas Liu. He is a real life ninja and competes in a modern fighting / dance style called tricking. He is the next Bruce Lee.


Liu basically makes the video awesome. Plus, I love the bouncy apocalypse music!

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Influenced by THX-1138?

Gee? Ya think?