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Watch 9 months of Curiosity on Mars in a one-minute time-lapse video

This fascinating time-lapse video shows nine months of the Mars Curiosity Rover digging and moving its way across the red planet, in just one minute. Unlike the typical Mars beauty shots, the video shows the rover actually getting its work done.


The Front Avoidance Hazard Cameras or “Hazcams” produce far less glamorous images than the wide panoramas and sweeping vistas provided by the mastcam or the robotic hand camera — but these daily black and white photos provide a view of what Curiosity is actually doing. Youtube user Karl Sanford collected the images from the left Hazcam from Aug. 8, 2012 to May 21, 2013 into a single video that shows Curiosity digging in and sampling the Martian soil along its journey. It is really interesting watching the rover leaving its mark on Mars with tread tracks and little holes.

The original images and views from the other hazcams can be seen at the Curiosity Rover website.

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