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Every cinematic blockbuster is accompanied by a massive publicity campaign that carpet bombs the public with trailers, trailers for trailers, TV spots, more trailers and exclusive glimpses to make sure that it’s a huge hit on opening weekend.

It’s no different for this month’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which sees its publicity campaign kicking in to high gear. With all that footage flowing out from the studios, YouTuber M1llion has gathered up everything that’s been released and recut each scene into chronological order. This is the fourth update to his supercut, and we won’t at all be surprised if it gets longer.


The entire supercut lasts for over eleven minutes, and shows off most of the film’s major action beats. Don’t get us wrong, we like seeing new glimpses (remember the lead up to The Force Awakens?), but it’s amazing at how easily someone can construct the film from each little fragment. Given that Batman v Superman will run for two and a half hours, it’s clear that those fight scenes are going to be long and numerous.


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