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You can now watch Luke Randall's award-winning short film, Reach

Okay, it's time for you to take a quick four-minute break. This little animated gem was put together by student filmmaker Luke Randall back in 2009 — and it quickly won him over 20 different awards.


For such a tiny and simple film, it packs a lot. The little robot can be seen as a modern version of Icarus, a character driven to the edge by its own hubris. Or, the tiny robot's plight can be seen as a representation of the human condition, one filled with constant yearning — and frustrating constraints. The short also speaks to the limitations of technology.

Or I could simply shut up, and just let you watch it for yourself.

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Bart McEndree

Was the little robot unaware of its limited mortality? Or did it know but considered freedom more important than life?