Illustration for article titled Was emCharmed/em a better show about magic than emTrue Blood/em?

Everybody looks down on Charmed, the stunted Buffy wannabe that featured Shannon Doherty, Rose McGowan and Alyssa Milano as witches. But actually, Charmed handled topics of magic and the responsible use of power better than True Blood has, argues Alyssa Rosenberg over at ThinkProgress.


Among other things, she says Charmed gave us a better sense of the politics of the magical world and the different ways in which magic worked — and most importantly, asked real questions about the ethics of using magic. You get to see how magic really changes people, and what it does to their lives. Oh, and nobody is turned into a perpetual victim the way some people are on True Blood.

Is it time for a reassessment of the Halliwell sisters, and/or a downgrade of Bon Temps? [ThinkProgress]

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