Warren Ellis Is Writing the New James Bond Comic

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When Dynamite announced their official James Bond comic series, details were (perhaps appropriately for a book about a secret agent) scarce—but now we know a little more about the ongoing series, including the fact that it’s kicking off with a story penned by Transmetropolitan’s Warren Ellis.

Interestingly, the announcement reveals that Ellis is not writing the origin of Bond that Dynamite initially revealed the series with—the comic project will flit between telling new stories set in the present day, written by Ellis, adaptations of the original Fleming novels from a variety of creative teams, and the aforementioned origin graphic novel. While Ellis’ ongoing will be set in the present, the origin and adaptations will be written in the context of their original time periods.

Illustration for article titled Warren Ellis Is Writing the New iJames Bond/i Comic

Ellis is joined on the series by former Wolverines and Batwoman artist Jason Masters, and will kick off with a story arc called “VARGR”, which sees Bond return to London to pick up a case being followed by a fallen 00 Agent. Ellis has previously expressed a great interest in exploring the damaged side of Bond covered in the novels but rarely expounded on in the various film adaptations, so it’ll be interesting to see where he takes the character—and where the series will sit among Dynamite’s other planned Bond comics.

James Bond will begin this November, just in time for the release of SPECTRE.

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The Homework Ogre

I didn’t think Bond had a “secret” origin inasmuch as an “inextricably linked to WWII and therefore increasingly irrelevant to modern depictions of the character” origin.