Warren Ellis' Global Frequency Is Getting A TV Pilot—Once Again

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Back in 2005, Warren Ellis' comic book series Global Frequency was adapted as a television pilot, but wasn't picked up for a full series. Now the tale of crowdsourced covert intelligence is getting a second shot at the small screen, with the creator of Farscape and Defiance behind the wheel.

Deadline is reporting that Global Frequency has landed a pilot production commitment at Fox, with Farscape and Defiance creator Rockne S. O'Bannon writing and co-executive producing with Ellis, Jonathan Littman, and Jerry Bruckheimer. According to Deadline, "The show will chronicle the workings of The Global Frequency, a privately funded crime-fighting operation that uses worldwide crowd-sourcing to solve crimes the police cannot." The question is, will it explore what the strange doings of the world's governments, or will it be more of a typical crimefighting show?

Well, color us interested. The 2005 pilot, which produced by Mark Burnett and starred Michelle Forbes as Miranda Zero, was great and we still think that Global Frequency would make a fantastic TV show. Here's hoping we get something good.


Global Frequency' Drama Produced By Jerry Bruckheimer Set At Fox With Big Commitment [Deadline]

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Love Warren Ellis. I'd be a lot more psyched for this if it wasn't on Fox, so I have my doubts... but, here's to hoping a proper live-action Planetary is inevitable.