Throne, the setting of the webcomic Kill Six Billion Demons, makes Oz look like Kansas. It's a land filled with badass angels, killer ink makers, and pretender gods. It's certainly no place for a human. Unfortunately for Allison, it's exactly where she's landed, and there's something in her head that everyone wants.

A lot of people experience disaster the first time they have sex. Allison's nearly first time is interrupted by a strange being from another world who lands Allison in Throne, center of the Omniverse. There she crosses paths with 82, an ornery angel who is more Judge Dredd than Clarence Oddbody, and learns that she has a mystical portal stuck in her forehead. It's not a good day.


KSBD, created by the artist Abaddon, is the sort of webcomic you just have to roll with. Every panel is stuffed with sumptuous insanity, evoking the sense that creatures from different dimensions (and of varying levels of divinity) have truly gathered in a single place. And there are mythological infodumps that would be tedious in a lesser comic. But that sense of way-too-much-sensory information works to the comic's advantage, so that it actually becomes hilarious as Allison sinks into deeper and weirder trouble, without any chance of catching her breath. The comic's pace is relentless, the characters maniacal, and something new to admire at every turn. There is the definite sense that the reader will never fully understand the world of Throne, its history, or its perpetual war.

But really, it wouldn't be half as much fun if we could.

[Kill Six Billion Demons]