Warning: This clip will probably put you off sex for a few days

Seriously, don't watch this clip if you were hoping to have a sex life or anything. It's arguably work-safe, but seriously gruesome.


The above clip comes from 1993's Body Melt, a body horror semi-classic from Australia in the proud tradition of films like Slither, early Cronenberg, and the ouevre of Brian Yuzna. In Body Melt, the residents of the suburban community of Pebbles Court receive some brand new diet pills in the mail, for free — but the pills have some unpleasant side effects, including hallucinations and mutations. And whatever the heck is going on in the clip above.

Mondo Exploito sings the praises of this film:

Body Melt may be brimming with goo, gore, bodybuilders, inbred country folk, Harold Bishop and effects, but, believe it or not, it’s actually a surprisingly intelligent film. There is some wonderful satire to be found, much of which comes from the film’s excellent choice of locations and sets. The horribly depressing suburban nightmare of Pebbles Court is very accurate, suiting its obnoxious inhabitants perfectly. The Vimuvial health spa, set up to monitor the effects of the body drug on the Pebbles Court occupants, is also quality stuff. Vimuvial and its plastic employees are a fantastic send up of 1990s new age obsessions with health, body vitality and natural remedies. Visually, the film is quite exciting with hallucinatory camerawork and editing throughout, a style that is ramped up during the film’s dream sequences. Tied in with the visuals is an excellent electronic score from the director himself, Philip Brophy.


Did the clip above not scar you for life adequately? In that case, check out a second choice moment from the film, which is worksafe enough to be on Youtube but still pretty revolting:

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Wow, I must be more jaded than I thought.

Nice try though, I did get a chuckle off the second one :)