Warners Want You To Watch The Watchmen - Yet Again

Excited about the Director's Cut of Watchmen? Don't be... because there's another version of the movie around the corner, and it's the one that fans have been waiting for since day one.

Announced, stunningly, by a flier contained in the packaging for the Watchmen: The Director's Cut three-disc DVD set is Watchmen: The Ultimate Collector's Edition, a five-disc set that will feature a new edit of the movie (The third in nine months, for those counting) that includes Tales From The Black Freighter animated footage mixed with the live action movie (The other discs are made up of special features including the already-released Behind The Hood and Motion Comic version of the graphic novel). When fans compared Zack Snyder's movie to Blade Runner, I didn't think they meant the number of times a new version would be released on DVD.


Watchmen: The Ultimate Collector's Edition will be released in December.

First Watchmen Ultimate Collector's Edition Blu-ray Details [The HD Room]

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