Warner's New Superhero Movie Sounds Like Suicide

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Warner Bros. have announced plans for a Suicide Squad movie, based on the DC Comics series, leading us to wonder whether we're slowly hearing about a Marvel-esque cross-movie franchise plan from the studio.


Squad, announced by Warners on Wednesday, centers around supervillains who are offered the chance to complete dangerous covert missions for the US Government in exchange for freedom... or, in some cases, their lives. The movie - based on the late '80s, early '90s version of the comics franchise - is, interestingly enough, to be written by Justin Marks... who is also working on Supermax, another DC Comics project for Warners... about incarcerated supervillains. We may be leaping to conclusions here, but we can't help but wonder if some characters introduced in Supermax will make the leap to the Squad after Amanda Waller - DC's very own version of Nick Fury - makes a cameo in the former.

Of course, if that wasn't the plan until I mentioned it, I totally want a cut of the profits for both movies, Warners. I'll hire Fox's lawyers if need be.


Warner Bros. sets up 'Suicide Squad' [Variety]

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1. CCH Pounder NEEDS to be Amanda Waller. There is no Nick Fury in movies without Sam Jackson, there is no one else but CCH Pounder.

2. Line up should inclue: Deadshot, Capt. Boomerang, Plastique, Bronze Tiger, Rick Flagg, Jr., and Count Vertigo (or Clock King/Calculator).

3. Who else is with me, Randy Couture as Rick Flagg, Jr.? (And Megan Fox as Plastique means box-offic smash).