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Warner Brothers has dropped its He-Man movie partnership started with Mattel. Which means no live-action He-Man space movie. But really, this is all for the best, and here's why.


Variety is reporting that He-Man is all but being abandoned by the WB, which is a very very good thing. The original script written by Justin Marks was swapped out by Producer Joel Silver for a more realistic and "gritty" take on Prince Adam, which meant a Dark Knight-inspired brooding, morally conflicted He-Man or something like that. I'd love to see how they would go about explaining Battle Cat or Orko, if they'd included them at all. If we're going to do He-Man lets just go full-on Beastmaster with it, shall we? Tiny shorts and all.


So there's one toy/studio movie partnership down. Mattel will no doubt take the property to another studio, but still, it gives us time. Now if we could just get them to drop the Hot Wheels and Viewmaster films.

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