Warner Bros. wants to make a six-movie saga about King Arthur

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That's... that's a lot of King Arthur. According to Deadline, the WB is hoping to lure Guy Ritchie into helming a new franchise on Arthur, his knights, and their circular table. It's a plan that's as ambitious as it is... actually, it's just super-ambitious.

Hell, even Disney doesn't have plans to make six Star Wars movies yet, and that's an already established franchise. Even knowing how rich Arthurian myth is, I have a hard time imagining how the WB would translate it into six movies without padding it out or making shit up — because they're not going to give the knights their own movies to chronicle their quests; Arthur would need to star in all of them. Here's how I see it going down:

• King Arthur Episode 1: The Sword in the Stone

• King Arthur Ep. 2: The Might of Merlin

• King Arthur Ep. 3: Dude, Where's My Round Table?

• King Arthur Ep. 4: Lancelot and Guinevere's Fantastic Fuck Fest

• King Arthur Ep. 5: King Arthur Meets Frankenstein

• King Arthur Ep. 6: Serf Nazis Must Die

I eagerly await your suggestions in the comments.

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