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Ok, yes, Michael Bay’s cinematic work on Transformers has left a psychic scar on the minds of a generation. But putting the man who loves blowing things up on big, dumb, and loud cosmic bounty hunter Lobo? It’s a match made in hog heaven, bastiches.

The Hollywood Reporter’s got a piece up that cites sources who say that Warner Bros. and Bay are doing the will-they, won’t-they dance about a project centered on the Main Man. Keeping the budget down within a certain range is a key issue, the report says. The most recent version of the script allegedly puts the long-brewing, would-be film in the $200 million range, and it’d have to get re-written to scale it back to something more affordable.

Lobo’s history in the DC Universe has always been one where he starts trouble and stirs up chaos. You don’t need to have lofty narrative ambitions when you’re telling a story with the Last Czarnian—something that makes Bay the perfect person to tackle the dolphin-loving gun-for-hire.


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