Warner Bros. wants actor-turned-director Ben Affleck to adapt Stephen King's mammoth novel for a feature film. But can Affleck whittle down all the crazy into a single film? We highly doubt it.

Now that Harry Potter is gone and Green Lantern turned out to be a bit of a disaster for the Warners, we imagine they're looking for the next big franchise. And there certainly is enough material in The Stand to warrant multiple movies.


As of now, there are no reports that the studio plans to break The Stand into several features, but this may be the smarter way to go. As for the rumors about Warner Bros. tapping Affleck to write and direct, that's fantastic.

Affleck's work on The Town was really quite good, plus the director excels at working with strong — some would argue completely over-the-top — characters. And The Stand is basically a grab bag of insanity. There's a deaf mute, a woman who sleeps with The Devil, a convict who eats a rat, a pyromaniac, and a burned-out pop star. Affleck should have a lot to work with. If this rumor proves true that also means that Potter director David Yates is off the project.

[Via Deadline]

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