Warner Bros. pretends they're going to make a Robotech film again

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THR says that commercial director Nic Mathieu is in talks with Warner Bros. to direct the long-gestating (in-development-hell) live-action Robotech film. It would be the first positive movement the film has had in forever, except that: 1) Nic Mathieu's IMDB page is completely empty, so goodness knows how he'll handle a feature film; 2) enough time has passed that WB will likely order yet another script for the film, giving it more than enough time to fall apart for the umpteenth time; 3) we still have no idea if WB has waded through the legal morass of the Macross rights in order to make a movie that actually features the characters and mecha the cartoon is best known for. Unfortunately, by hiring a commercial director, I'd say WB isn't planning on spending much money on this thing, so I'd suspect not, even though a live-action Robotech movie without Veritechs is completely missing the point. But on the plus side, even if the movie ends being 90 minutes of Selena Gomez as Minmei singing Miley Cyrus covers, it'll still likely be better than Dragonball Evolution.

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They're actually going to cut three or four totally unrelated movies into a single film.