Warner Bros. is selling tickets to Hogwarts! Sneak a peek at the Harry Potter studio tour

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Want to go to Hogwarts for real? Well, the studio tour in London, The Making of Harry Potter, is as close as you're even going to get.


The film studio has been changed into a three-hour Potter walking tour, which allows guests to get lost in Hogwarts!

For the mere price of $46 ($35 for kids) you can wander the 150,000 square foot lot where the entire epic series was filmed. A few of the sets included are Dumbledore's office, Hagrid's hut, the Gryffindor commons, and The Great Hall! Props and costumes will be on display as well as the creature effect workshop. Sounds bloody brilliant to us. Tickets go on sale October 13th.

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LIKE!!! I was jealous of my parents when they took my brother to Wizarding World of Harry Potter without me, but this is the real deal! (insofar as these are genuine movie props/ sets). I'd certainly rather tour real film sets than stand around in the muggy florida sun buying "butterbeer" off of underpaid college drop outs in sweat faux costumes.