Warner Bros. Has Nine DC Movies Planned Including Sandman and Fables

Looks like Warner Bros. is getting its act together. The Wall Street Journal reports WB has nine DC comics movies planned, including the already announced Batman Vs. Superman and Justice League films, and now confirmed movie adaptations o Sandman and Fables.

While a Fables movie sounds awesome (and we know what creator Mark Buckingham wants out of it), obviously we need to speculate about what the other five movies are. I think we can safely assume that many of the heroes who join the Justice League will get spin-offs like Wonder Woman and Cyborg — or at least WB currently intends them to get spin-offs. Warner Bros. has made plenty of plans before that haven't quite worked out, so let's not break out the champagne yet,.


Still, it's nice to hear WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara sounds like he knows how important bringing the DC universe to the big screen is. From the article:

Now, one year into his tenure, [Tsujihara] has put a revival of DC in movies, TV and other media at the core of his plans for Hollywood's largest movie studio.

"If you want to know how we are going to grow as a company and what's important to us, DC is at the top of the list," Mr. Tsujihara said.

I still have this sinking feeling in my gut that the Fables movie will start as a $200 million epic and slowly get whittled down to a $40 million, Jonah Hex-style disaster, but hey, it's still a pleasant change of pace to feel even cautiously optimistic about DC movies once in a while.

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